Meet The Amazing Guests Of Anime Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s favorite daughter comes home! Stephanie Nadolny is a singer, actress and voice actress best known for her role as Kid Goku and Gohan in the Dragon Ball series. She is excited to bring her energy and karaoke skills to Midwest City!

Known as the original voice of Bulma, Tiffany Vollmer is much more than a talented voice actress, she is a professional make-up artist, singer and actress. On top of being a featured guest at this year’s convention, she will be hosting this year’s official cosplay contest. Let’s get ready cause Bulma will definitely be in the house!

The lovely Cynthia Cranz will be hanging out at Anime Oklahoma this fall! She has been around the anime industy for a while and is always a fan favorite at conventions. Be on the look out for her and her awesome panels this year at Anime Oklahoma!

Honor Lychee is a semi-professional cosplayer with a decade invested into the craft. Talented in sewing, foam smithing, and wig working, Cosplay gives her a way to express herself creatively and an outlet for mental health. In addition to cosplay, Honor loves event planning and helping local events. You can follow her on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Twitch, all under the handle @Honorlychee.

Mrs Fae has been in the “Cosplay” Community for  15 years and costuming in general for well over 20 years. She started costuming with hand altering clothing and items from thrift stores, received her first machine at age 16 and continued to teach herself to sew over the years.  Her work has been used in commercials, Nickelodean featured her mermaid tails in Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid, and several other custom movies and music videos have used her costuming as well.

You asked for her and she’s back! The amzingly talented Alecta Arcana is coming back to Anime Oklahoma to help us expan our growing cosplay contest! Stop and say hi to see what this year’s cosplay contest has in store!

Kekkuda is an Oklahoma based cosplayer heavily active on the competitive scene. Specializing in in creature builds and foam fabrication, their primary concern is recreating costumes that feel like living, breathing versions of their fictional counterparts. In the pursuit of creating believing believable creatures, performance is just as important as the costume itself.

After many years away, one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons comes home to show off his skills in a much anticipated homecoming. Sephi Hakubi is a well traveled music producer who has headlined and played at many conventions such as, FAN:dom Con, San Japan, SukoshiCon, Mizuumi-Con, Anime Odyssey, Realms Com, Okashicon, MechaCon, Animatic Con. He’s ready to blow the roof the Reed Conference center and have us dancing all night 😎